Bones are weakened to the breaking point by hereditary, hormonal, metabolic and nutritional factors. Exercise plays an inestimably large part in our bones’ strength and even their shape.  Although they are sometimes necessary, the medications have serious side-effects.  We recommend our yoga program, that can be done safely by even quite debilitated people. The peer-review published results of 741 patients followed over a 10 year period show that it improves bone mineral density in every-two-year follow-up studies.


The 12-minute DVD that now has been proven successful in our trial presents each of the 12 poses for 30 seconds, with instruction. We asked people to also obtain spine and hip X-rays before beginning the study, and after two years doing the yoga.  Not everyone did, but in more than 100,000 hours of people doing the DVD, 83% with osteoporosis, there are no detected or reported fractures to date. This program is effective in people of all ages, with or without osteopenia or osteoporosis.Slide2

The study showed significant improvement in bone mineral density in the spine and femur.  In 2 out of three measures, the hip was also significantly strengthened.  Here are the graphical representations of the improvements on two of the three statistical measures:



Many of these poses are excerpted from our books, Yoga for Arthritis, WW Norton 2008, andYoga for Osteoporosis W.W. Norton, Published 2009. Many of the poses and adaptations here reflect the work of B.K.S. Iyengar and John Friend. They would not be here but for the generous and creative work of co-author Ellen Saltonstall, and the yogi-models Sally Hess, Nikki Marshall, and Eric Small.

I thank Ellen Saltonstall, RYT a certified Anusara Yoga instructor, for her consultation on this project, and her permission to use selected photos and instructions from our co-authored books, Yoga for Arthritis and Yoga for Osteoporosis. Ellen has been teaching yoga for over 20 years, with a specialty in therapeutics. She teaches and trains other teachers in New York City as well as nationally and internationally.

                                                                                                                                                        We compared the change in bone mineral density measured in the two years prior to beginning the yoga on the DVD with the same change in the two years after beginning the DVD.  Note that the average values prior to starting the study were all negative, and the average values after two years of yoga were all positive.  The DVD may be purchased through PayPal on the home page of this website.

The content of the DVD is streaming at


Detailed comparison: Before starting yoga (dark grey) vs. after two years practicing the 12-minute DVD daily(light grey):



The  study shows that the yoga in the DVD, done daily for two years, actually builds bone significantly in the spine and the femur, the two most frequent sites of fracture.  We are now beginning a second “dose – response” study, matching how often and how vigorously one does the yoga with the amount their bones have strengthened.  In this study people will go to a yoga teacher certified in our method at least once each two weeks to grade the quantity and quality of their yoga.  After two years we will again compare the amount and quality of yoga with the gains in bone mineral density.  We are conducting additional trainings this year, but at present if none of the 20 certified teachers are accessible to you, the study will not be feasible for you.

Senior Teachers

Last name First name Email Phone Website City State
Lilly Cathy cathylilly@icloud.com 212.877.9415 New York NY
Saltonstall Elllen  ellen.saltonstall@gmail.com 212.727.7288 http://www.ellensaltonstall.com/ New York NY
Sekuler Kara redyogini@aol.com New York NY
Schaff Terry




Rhinebeck NY
Wong Caryna caryna_wong@verizon.net 646.236.1082 Mount Kisco NY
Fishman Loren, MD loren@sciatica.org (212) 472-0077 sciatica.org New York NY

Osteoporosis Certified

Aten Betty  bettymaten@gmail.com Berkeley CA
Brunelle Linda, MPH  chickee@comcast.net Hadley MA
Nelson Bhavani Lorraine  bhavani@bhavanilorrainenelson.com http://www.bhavanilorrainenelson.com/ Lennox MA
Barnstone Gabriella  gabriella@homeyoganewyork.com www.homeyoganewyork.com New York NY
Fecher Louise  louise@yogabright.com Tuckahoe NY
Hogan Alice alice_hogan@icloud.com New York NY
Kaminsky Barbara  bkaminskyny@verizon.net Brooklyn NY
Knox Sarah  sarahknox@mac.com Hastings-on-Hudson NY
Potts Carol  carpotts@gmail.com Endwell NY
Rozanski Jeanne, PT, MHA  jrozanski@mercyhealth.org Havertown PA
Last Harriet  lastjh@hotmail.com San Antonio TX
 Kjesbo  Susan


Laguna Niguel, CA

New Osteoporosis Study Beginning Fall 2016

We are beginning a new study, seeking a dose-response relationship between yoga and bone mineral density and bone quality, a more compendious measure of a bone’s resistance to fracture.

This study attempts to prove that properly chosen yoga poses can reverse osteoporosis without having negative effects on the joints. In addition, we hope to establish a dose-response relationship between the quantity and quality of yoga, and rise in bone mineral density, and possibly bone quality.

All those interested in the study can download information sheet and study form here.

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