Yoga and medicine, used both separately and together, have tremendous healing benefits for patients, and can minimize pain and disability.

See my new book Healing Yoga by Loren Fishman, MD

Yoga treatment for twenty common medical conditions

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Yoga vs. Osteoporosis DVD

Dr. Fishman’s 741 patient (227 fully compliant) 10 year study demonstrated that the twelve poses in this DVD safely and effectively build bone, reversing the bone-weakening effects of osteoporosis.

New Osteoporosis Study Beginning Fall 2016

We are beginning a new study, seeking a dose-response relationship between yoga and bone mineral density and bone quality, a more compendious measure of a bone’s resistance to fracture.

This study attempts to prove that properly chosen yoga poses can reverse osteoporosis without having negative effects on the joints. In addition, we hope to establish a dose-response relationship between the quantity and quality of yoga, and rise in bone mineral density, and possibly bone quality.


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